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News & Propaganda
hosted by Pan


every Thursday 6pm - 8pm

A weekly compilation of interviews, reports, music, satire and commentary from alternative / independent / international sources, currently focused on the War On Iraq.

"It's news if you believe it, and propaganda if you don't!"

We highly suggest visiting indymedia and democracynow for inquiring minds.


online playlist, week three:
news: michael moore, accepting the oscar, sun, 23-mar-03 (1.8 meg)
michael moore, backstage press conference after his acceptance speech, sun, 23-mar-03 (11.2 meg)

online playlist, week two:
music: new system of the down video "Boom" edited by michael moore... video included footage from the 15-feb international protests against the war (2.6 meg)
news: american - iraqi student conference call, 16-mar-03, part 1 (7.1 meg)
news: american - iraqi student conference call, 16-mar-03, part 2 (10.9 meg)
music: audio from video short: "Hercubush" (3.4 meg)
news: scott ritter speech excerpt #2 (6.6 meg)
news: scott ritter speech excerpt #3 (3.8 meg)
music: dixie chicks, "Goodbye, Earl" (4.0 meg)
news: democracy now radio program segment from 20-mar-03 re: international protests (11.6 meg)
music: saul williams, "Not In My Name" (remix) (2.8 meg)
news: ?report? on the infamous iraqi bomb shelter bombing during the gulf war, for which George Bush (Sr.) and others are being charged with war crimes (0.6 meg)

online playlist, week one:
music: beastie boys new anti-war song, "In A World Gone Mad" (4.5 meg)
news: donald rumsfeld, london interview excerpt (3.2 meg)
news: howard zinn, excerpt from his feb-03 speech (0.3 meg)
music: ?artist?, "In The Garden Of Eden" (edited for air) (6.8 meg)
news: bill o'reilly losing it over an anti-war guest/author (4.3 meg)
news: tom ridge protest at montgomery blair high school, 7-mar-03 (1.1 meg)
music: paris, "What Would You Do?" (5.6 meg)
music: the platform, "Think Globally, Act Locally" (2.7 meg)
news: mumia abu jamal, "War for the Eternal Empire" (1.6 meg)
news: senator byrd, excerpt from his 12-feb-03 speech (edited for air) (1.3 meg)
music: air raid sirens (1.2 meg)


thanks for checking us out!
pan :)