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The Freak Show
hosted by Catwoman, Wembley & Totem

every Monday 6pm - 8pm

Animal rights news & discussion show.

LINKS: (PETA) (In Defense of Animals) (Humane Society of the US) (Farm Sanctuary) (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) (Animal Legal Defense Fund) (Vegetarian International Voice for Animals)

ACTION ALERT (3/17/03): HB 26 and SB 1068 will be coming up before the Senate and the house sometime in the near future. They will ban circus elephant acts in TN, which of course means that any circuses with elephants will not be permitted to show here at all. This would have and incredible impact on other domestic and exotic animals in circuses, etc.

I've been writing to one of my Reps, who has been kind enough to send me original documents from FELD and other circus related organizations that have been sending him info OPPOSING the elephant bills. As you can imagine, they're coming down HARD!! So, individuals/constituants need to write to their reps and tell them to SUPPORT H.B. 26 and S.B. 1068.